Which Style is Best for Me?


All of our scrub hat styles are uniquely designed with flexibility in mind to allow for the most individualized fit. Each style is double-layered to promote absorption during those long shifts and contains our ultra-durable elastic for maximum adjustability. The forehand band is strategically designed to allow for any excess material to easily be folded optimizing the fit for various hairstyles/types without exposing any unwanted inside seams. 


The Ponytail style is ideal for those with more hair or a larger head who prefer to wear their hair in a low ponytail. Designed with premium double face satin ribbon ties, the Ponytail style oozes fun by adding a splash of color (logo & ribbon colors may vary). The ribbons tie around the ponytail portion of the hat, allowing another area for added flexibility.

Ponytail Scrub Hat Example 2Ponytail Scrub Hat Example 3

Taylor'ed Euro

The Taylor'ed Euro style is ideal for those with a lot of hair or larger head sizes. It also serves as a perfect alternative for those with shorter hair or a smaller head who simply prefer an adjustable toggle over the ties of The Original and Skull Hat styles. This style is our "free form" hat and like The Original, hair can be worn comfortably in many styles. 


Taylor'ed Euro Scrub Hat Example 1Taylor'ed Euro Scrub Hat Example 2Taylor'ed Euro Sample 3

The Original

The Original style is ideal for those with more hair or a larger head. A favorite feature of The Original hat is that you can wear your hair in a high bun, low bun, braid, ponytail, or fresh out of the bed for those on the run days. The tie aspect of the hat is an additional way to create a more individualized fit.


Original Scrub Hat Example 1Original Scrub Hat Example 2


We offer 2-ply cotton lined and LUXE premium satin-lined scrub hats. Our LUXE collection is ideal for those with textured hair or anyone looking for an extra line of defense for dry, brittle, or frizzy hair. The moisture boosting properties and breathable fibers of our premium satin lined scrub hats work wonders in keeping your hair hydrated throughout a long shift. There's just no replacement for the rich and luxurious feeling of our LUXE satin lined collection. 

Skull Hat
(Available via Pre-Sale & Custom Order Only)

The Skull Hat style is ideal for those with shorter hair or a smaller head. It is often worn by men, but works great for anyone who prefers a more form-fitting style. Similarly to The Original, it also has ties allowing for a flexible fit. While The Original style has thicker, more "full coverage" ties, the Skull Hat provides a thinner, more minimalistic look.  


Skull Scrub Hat Example 3Skull Scrub Hat Example 2